ESS 3PH 8K Hybrid inverter w HB


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Key Features
• 150% PV oversized and 110%-150% overload output
• Higher efficiency on charging and discharging, up to 97.8%
• Tough screen is an option
• Compatible with single-phase load and three-phase load.
• Dry contact controls generator start, compatible with generator
power supply.
• Support countercurrent prevention control.
• Up to 20A single-channel MPPT current. Perfectly supporting the
latest 210mm high-power PV panels (12K and 15K).
• Support three-phase 100% unbalanced on-load operation.
• Battery side has a pre-charging circuit to ensure system safety.
• LLC soft switch on battery side to improve the efficiency.
• Support WIFI, GPRS, 4G, APP communications.
• Support remote control, remote management and online upgrade.

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